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Our company started its business life in the field of electrical household appliances in 1994. In this journey, which started with the idea that "A Road Will Take Thousand Kilometers Starts With One Step", our company has gained the appreciation of thousands of consumers in a short time with its quality products and customer satisfaction oriented working system and has become a leader in the sector. Our company manufactures in a closed area of 5000 m2 in Istanbul and maintains its leading position in the sector with its technology and product quality. All our sales and service network of dealers spread to Turkey and is always the focus of our after-sales service customer satisfaction ..

With its 25 years of knowledge and experience, our company operates in the sectors of medical devices, electrical household appliances and household appliances, especially domestic and industrial water treatment systems. Ortimax performs as well as import and export manufacturing activities in Turkey.
Our company has adopted the principle of being in a respectful, sincere, fair and honest structure in all its relations in order to offer the quality to its consumers in the most appropriate conditions and to make customer satisfaction permanent after sales. It continues its studies and investments in order to provide the best service and achieve its goals in the sectors in which it operates. In this journey that we started with a single step, we continue to take strength from the distance we have covered and walk towards the future with more confident steps.
“Always for the better …”