Cleaning Robot

Cleaning Robot



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Ortimax Robotix Turbo Water Filter Cleaning Robot, which meets all expectations in carpet cleaning with its 2400 Watts of power, brush options and quality, impresses with its functions and ease of use.

The fragrant perfume fragrance that cleans the air of the room continues its effect throughout the day. The product, which has a special washing nozzle for hard floors, cleans the carpets deeply and eliminates the accumulated dirt, waste and dust. Ortimax Robotix Turbo Water Filter Cleaning Robot, which can be programmed for all kinds of washing, helps you to wash easily with its unlimited mobility, pedal sweeping nozzle and 6 m cable. In addition, thanks to the seat cleaning apparatus of the product, you can easily clean your seats.

Green detailed, black colored cleaning robot using special techniques and quality materials is covered by a 3-year warranty and offers many years of trouble-free use. In addition, do not be late to have a carpet washing machine with special carpet shampoo.


What is a Mite?

Mites and dust mites are living creatures that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Our beds, carpets, armchairs, pillows and furry children’s toys are at the top of the list. The 3 factors that make up the living spaces are; darkness, warmth and humidity. The nutrients of mites and dust mites, which can easily reproduce in any environment where these 3 conditions are met, are human skin scraps and dandruff.

Mites with sizes ranging from 5 microns to 55 microns cause respiratory infections such as asthma, allergies and shortness of breath that threaten human health. 1 g of leather or dandruff can feed 1,000,000 mites and dust mite. Mites and dust mites are a real threat to allergy sufferers.

Their feces are more harmful than the mites themselves. One mite produces an average of 20 faeces per day, and 100 mite produces 2 micrograms of allergen per week. The presence of more than 2 micrograms of mite allergen in 1 gram of house dust is considered a risk factor for allergy development, and its presence above 10 micrograms is considered a risk factor for asthma attack.

Mites especially affect the weak immune systems of children and the elderly and cause diseases. The encounter of allergic people with mites at an early age is a risk factor in terms of allergic generation and the development of diseases such as asthma.

The places where mites are mostly found are our beds. There are between 100,000 and 10,000,000 living mites in a bed. Considering that we sleep an average of 8 hours a day, it can be said that a person allergic to mites spends about a third of his life in a bed full of mites. Mites found in mattresses, pillows and quilts adhere to dust particles and reach the lungs through the trachea and initiate an allergic reaction.

Several types of medications have been developed to control allergies. However, avoiding allergens is as important as medication. At this point, the most effective solution; It is ORTİMAX Cleaning Robot with its high technology, deep cleaning apparatus and water filtration system.


People need three substances for survival.

Good and healthy food

Clean water to drink

Clean Air

As ORTİMAX, we have produced ROBOTIX so that the AIR, which is the most important of these 3 items for our life, can be clean from the environment we live in.

Rapidly changing technological developments in our world add new dimensions to cleaning systems.

As ORTİMAX, who discovered the magnificent power of water, our company has achieved real cleanliness with the LOGIC OF ISLANATED POWDERS.

While the dust bag and similar filtering systems used in old systems cause a waste of energy and time due to the dust leaving the environment again and clogging the pores in a short time, our ROBOTIX cleaning robot with water filtration prevents wasted energy and time loss with its filtering rate of 99%.

It collects all dust and dirt in the water tank with its dust bagless, water tank system. It spreads clean air washed in water with 360 ° air outlets.


 It prevents particles smaller than microns such as pollen in the air, which even water has difficulty in holding, from coming out again.

    • 2400 W
      Fragrant perfume that changes the atmosphere of your room
      Ergonomic comfortable handle
      Large and small flushing nozzles
      Carpet washing accessory set
      Unlimited mobility
      Special washing hose
      Special washing pipes
      Hard floor apparatus
      Narrow end pipe
      Curtain brush
      Seat cleaning apparatus
      Plastic suction pipe
      Pedal, metal base sweeping tip
      Hepa 13 filter
      Accessory holder
      Special water filter system
      Special carpet shampoo
      Cable: 6 m