Tornado Vacuum Cleaner

Tornado Vacuum Cleaner



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HEPA 13 filter; It separates dust and air in the most effective way and cleans 99.95% of allergen substances. This feature is preferred by families with children, athletes, animal lovers and users with allergies.

NanoClean technology prevents dust from scattering and sticking in the broom. Powder; it does not hang in the air, it sinks to the bottom of the chamber and is emptied without dispersing into the house. In this way, no dust clouds occur in the house during the emptying of the chamber and the air filling with allergens is prevented. Ultimate dust container Nano

Superior performance on hard floors

This vacuum cleaner offers class A cleaning performance on hard floors. In this way, it does not leave dust in the area where it is used.

Allergy filter captures 99.9% of fine dust

Our clean air filter system captures 99.9% of fine dust, including pollen, animal hair and house dust, for people who are sensitive to allergies and need higher hygiene levels. 

Full control and easy dust removal with one hand

Thanks to the dust chamber designed similar to the ergonomic tip, the dust is easily discharged without spilling around.

It has been developed with Clean technology.

 Ortimax Tornado Bagless Vacuum Cleaner does not leave dust in your living spaces with its 750 Watt motor. Promising AAA class energy saving, the dust bagless vacuum cleaner leaves you in control of your home thanks to its suction power adjustment button. Automatic pull and drop cable rewinder, narrow area, seat cleaning and curtain apparatus add speed to cleaning.

Tornado Dust Bagless Vacuum Cleaner provides much more hygienic cleaning with washable Hepa 13 filter, which traps dirt and dust thanks to its large dust reservoir with a volume of 2.5 liters. While the new CYLONE MAX technology with superior suction power brings the bagless vacuum cleaner experience to your home, the patented telescopic suction pipe and turbo brush attachments make the machine unique.

The Tornado Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with Black-Green color differs from conventional vacuum cleaners with only 74 dBA sound. Meet the ortimax vacuum cleaner now and make cleaning easier.

3 years warranty

2400 W

Fragrant perfume that changes the atmosphere of your room

Ergonomic comfortable handle

Large and small flushing nozzles

Carpet washing accessory set

Unlimited mobility

Special washing hose

Special washing pipes

Hard floor apparatus

Narrow end pipe

Curtain brush

Seat cleaning apparatus

Plastic suction pipe

Pedal, metal base sweeping tip

Hepa 13 filter

Accessory holder

Special water filter system

Special carpet shampoo

Cable: 6 m