47 Piece Cutlery Set

47 Piece Cutlery Set



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Original design, skillful workmanship, timeless details

Bringing steel to life takes experience and skill. Ortimax uses the highest quality steel in its timeless designs and interprets it with perfect workmanship. Here is the secret of Ortimax collections, each of which creates its own fashion. Ergonomic designs symbolize not only expertise but also aesthetics. Ortimax forks, spoons and knives are passed down from generation to generation and are used for years with the pleasure of the first day …

304 stainless steel

  Plain and Satin 2 models

  6 Pieces of Dinner Spoons

  6 Meal Forks

  6 Pieces Dinner Knife

  6 Dessert Spoons

  6 Dessert Forks

  6 Dessert Knives

  6 Tea Spoons

  1 Serving Spoon

  1 Service Fork

  1 Service Spatula

  1 Service Colander

  1 Service Bucket

  1 Service Sauce Scoop

  1 Chest