9 Piece Teflon Cookware Set

9 Piece Teflon Cookware Set



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When cleaning the inside and outside of your ORTİMAX cooker, never use steel wool and dust. Wash with liquid and cream detergent. If anything burns in your pot, fill that product with water and leave it for a few hours before washing. After using your pot for a long time, spots and lines may occur on the inside. These will in no way affect your ability to use your pot for a longer period of time. Wipe your cooker first with a slightly oily cloth. Always cook your food over medium heat. This gives you great heat savings. Use only plastic and wooden utensils. Never use metal tools. Avoid rubbing sharp and pointed objects on your pot. Do not cut anything inside. 

Do not use wire wool or dishwashing powder while cleaning inside and outside of ortımax saucepan. Wash them with liquid or cream detergent. If anyhing burned inside of the saucepan, fill this product with water and leave it for a couple of hours in there. Spots and lines may occur inside of the saucepan after usage for a long time. These do not have effect on capacity of long term usage. Wipe the saucepan with lightly fatty cloth before the first usage. Cook your meals over a medium heat which provides a huge heating save up. Use only plastic and wood kitchenwares. Do never use metal wares. Avoid rubbing sharp objects on the saucepans. Do not cut anthing inside of it.

Box Size: 35x57x31 cm

24 cm Deep Pot

24 cm Shallow Pot

24 cm Pan Without Lid

20 cm Saucepan

18 cm Saucepan