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12 ”5 mic. Inline Sediment Filter

12 ”Inline GAC Carbon Filter

12 ”Inline Block Carbon Filter

Final (post) Carbon Filter

75 GPD LG Membrane Filter

  • Pressure Pump

    Low Pressure Switch

    High Pressure Switch

    Ball Valve

    European Model Faucet

    2.2 G Storage Tank

    Waste restrictor-Flow-Shafto-Check Valve

Stage: 5 Micron Sediment Filter – It is a coarse sediment filter, it protects the membrane filter by filtering the coarse sediment and particles in the water and provides optimum life.

Stage: Granular Activated Carbon Filter – In the 1st filter, the chlorine, bad odor and tasting gases in the water coming to this filter are separated from the coarse materials, some of the heavy materials and other chemical substances are separated and the taste, color and odor of the water are regulated. This filter is a carbon filter in salt form obtained by burning the coconut shell in an oxygen-free environment at 800 ° C. A grain of activated carbon the size of a sesame has a molecular surface enough to cover a football field. In this way, half a kg of activated carbon is a material that is dense enough to treat half a ton of water.

Stage: Block Carbon Filter – It is designed to filter the contamination and bacteria that may pass through the granular activated carbon filter in the 2nd stage. It is obtained by pressing the carbon by compression.

Stage: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter – It has 5 angstrom pore diameter. It makes the water separated from coarse sediments and particles in the first 3 stages ready for detailed treatment. The main purpose of the first 3 filters is to facilitate the work of the membrane filter and extend its life. LG membrane filter, a custom made membrane filter, makes almost no change in the alkaline level of the water. It is the most important stage of treatment. The membrane filter, which is the main filter of the device, acts like a semi-permeable membrane. Just as plants absorb water from the soil, they allow only useful substances to pass through. It is completely natural. While passing only water through high pressure, it completely purifies harmful bacteria, lime, sediment, rust, asbestos, particles and heavy metals that exist in micron-sized water.

Stage: Coconut Shell Filter – The purified water goes from the tank to the tap, the last time the coconut shell passes through the filter. This stage ensures that the water is enriched in minerals.

Stage: Alkaline-Mineral filter (optional)


It is healthy and functional water with more oxygen. It is clean and free from bacteria. In addition to the alkaline minerals it contains, it has more oxygen than other water types. It has negative ORP values and strong antioxidant properties. Alkali ionized water has antioxidant properties. As a liquid with a small molecular cluster structure, it is absorbed by the body much faster and more easily than other antioxidants. It helps the body maintain its pH balance and prevents diseases. Alkali ionized water helps the body maintain and regulate its natural pH balance and creates an environment that prevents the formation of harmful bacteria, inflammation and diseases in the body. Provides extraordinary hydration (moisturizing) and detoxification. Its molecular structure is smaller than other waters. For this reason, it provides up to six times more water entry into the cells than other types of water and helps the body to moisturize more and to clean the body from toxic wastes in the fastest and most perfect way. It increases the energy and fitness of the body. Alkali ionized water, due to its small molecular structure, regenerates the body’s bio-electrical balance three times faster than other types of water, increasing the body’s energy and fitness.

Width: 29 cm

Height: 38 cm

Height: 39 cm