Water Purifiers





    The pre-filtration system designed for house entrance cleans all the water used in your apartment against foreign materials, chlorine and hardening chemicals and pollutants. It is used to soften the water. It protects the pipes, valves, fittings and faucets heating cores and white appliances that use water in your apartment. It prevents corrosion and ensures a longer life. It protects your hair and skin from damages caused by calcareous and chlorinated water when you take a shower. As the hardness level of the water in the heating system is decreased, it lowers heating costs. It increases the solvent effects of soaps and detergents, therefore decreasing the costs of cleaning services. It is strictly recommended for places where well water is used.


    Stage 1: 10″ 5-micron Filter –

    Suspended solids (sediment, sand, mud, etc.) in water cause turbidity. These filters are used to remove the pollution and turbidity created by suspended solids. They filter all kinds of particles, sediments, sand and other coarse pollutants in the water. It is recommended to replace the 5-micron sediment filters every 6 months on average. If you are using well water or if your mains water is visibly turbid, it would be beneficial to replace the other filters every three months to protect them.

    Stage 2: 10″ Granular Activated Carbon Filter –

    It is used for the purification of chlorine, color, taste and odor dissolved gases, residues and organic substances in water. This activated granular carbon filter consists of high-performance activated carbon. It purifies the water from chlorine, odor, organic pollutants, pesticides and chemicals that have a negative effect on odor and taste.

    Stage 3: Anti-Limescale Filter –

    It prevents the harmful effects of lime in the water by 50%.

    The advantages of this system:

    1. You will not see muddy water images from the mains, instead clean water always flows from all your faucets.

    2. It dries all your systems that work with the water you in your home and makes them last longer. It ensures longer life for central heating boiler, dishwashers and washing machines and building installations.

    3. If you are using well water, it is highly recommended to use it.

    4. If you have a warehouse, it filters the sediments and contaminants that settle on the bottom of the tank over time.

    5. Your water will be softer, you save 20% in heating.